Movies have posters, so how about books? (Click the images for a larger view on our blog, plus credits and other details.)

2,000 miles
These men travelled nearly 2,000 miles in pursuit of freedom.
Soon we had crossed the railroad tracks and reached the main road... We were free. (p. 7)
sinking reeds
The feeling of happiness from the successful escape quickened our steps,
pulling reeds
and we began running out of joy. (p. 9)
wanted poster
Neither armed nor dangerous.
An attempt to get to the open waters through the broad belt of reeds ... failed. (p. 49)
sinking reeds
I sunk ever deeper into the marsh and was nearly pulled under there.

The black brew reached up to my chest, stinking bubbles rising up...
pulling reeds
... by gathering all my strength I pulled myself back to the shore again using the reeds.

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(Posters created by Kyle and Scott.)