Homefront Archives & Museum at Regina, Saskatchewan

Link to Homefront Archives & Museum at Regina, Saskatchewan
painting by George Högel

Robert J. (Bob) Henderson turned his collection of artifacts into the "Homefront Archives & Museum".

AirMuseum.ca has some background:

Bob’s interest in German PoWs began when he was 12. His parents told him stories of prisoners escaping in Northern Ontario, where he lived at the time. In 1985 he traded with a friend for a carving made by a PoW.

“I thought, ‘Well this is an area of Canadian history that is completely ignored and unknown. If everything is as nice as this carving, I’m going to start collecting it’.”

The most treasured piece in his collection is a PoW’s painting of a soldier walking with his machine gun on his shoulder. The 250 cm. X 120 cm. Painting is done in shades of brown and cream.


In SEPT 1996, Mr. George HOEGAL of Munchen, Germany, wrote to identify himself as the artist who had painted the picture.

Follow the link to read more.

Bob has graciously sent me some additional material on one of Klaus Conrad's escapes, which I will post to the blog at some point.

Bob's contact info:
Homefront Archives & Museum
6015-5th Ave.
Regina, SK S4T 6V4
(306) 543-5822

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