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Give 1 - Get 1 project at Indiegogo

Link to Give 1 - Get 1 project at Indiegogo

Help me send copies of Canadian Escapades to libraries and schools via my new Give 1 - Get 1 project at Indiegogo.

When you back the project for $15 or more, you get one book and I will give one book to a library or school. (That includes free shipping in the US, so costs a bit less than buying the book at retail.) I first learned of the "Get 1 - Give 1" approach via the One Laptop Per Child project (OLPC) -- and I've long planned something similar for Canadian Escapades. It's now here!

Indiegogo and Kickstarter are the two leading "crowdfunding" sites. They allow individuals to fund projects, products & people based on some combination of pre-payment, extra perks/rewards (a thank-you card, t-shirt, etc.), and simple generosity. It's a brilliant way to enable creators to overcome the initial funding hurdles -- and for individual backers to become part of the process and then get something that may otherwise never have come into existence.

While "Give 1 - Get 1" isn't directly related to crowdfunding, I think they're a natural fit. It provides an easy way to share what you like.

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