Bloggers: please ask us about a FREE review copy!

Link to Bloggers: please ask us about a FREE review copy!

Does the book sound interesting?  Do you like to review books for your blog?  If so, please contact us to request a review copy.  Free.  No shipping and handling charge; nothing ... except that you agree to write an honest review and post it on the Web.

We're looking for active bloggers, preferably several posts per week for the past year.  That's not a hard and fast rule, e.g. people who have a solid blog and are active on Twitter are welcome to apply.

Send us the URL of your blog (or other Web site).  If you're not sure we can see an immediate fit just by glancing at the site, then a very short "pitch" would be useful.  Rough blog stats and such wouldn't hurt, but are certainly not required.  A small but dedicated audience is perfectly fine.

We plan to send out LOTS of review copies! If you have ideas on how we can get in touch with people who would really enjoy reading the book and writing a review, please let us know.

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