It's an exciting adventure, a true story,
and brings history to life.

(And still a great read even if you're not a WW2 history buff!)

It's bilingual ... aligned by sentence
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There's plenty of action ... with moments of quiet reflection. It's about longing for freedom, and working hard to obtain it. It's a story of individual courage, of friendship, and the selfless efforts of strangers who help along the way. It's about survival in the face of injury, cold, hunger, and thirst.

Contrary to the usual narrative, the author isn't escaping FROM the Germans, he is a German. His third escape takes him nearly 2,000 miles across Canada and into the US. Join Klaus Conrad on his journey.


Reading authentic material is an important part of learning any language. But it's difficult to find text at just the right level, and tedious to spend lots of time looking up words in a dictionary. Bilingual books are a good start, but most just put the text on facing pages, which still requires hunting for the translation.

Canadian Escapades is much easier. When you're reading in your second language and don't understand a sentence, just glance at the other column. It's also great for idioms, casual expressions, and other language elements where dictionaries aren't much help.

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Book trailer: Joy!
Book trailer: Northern Lights ... unforgettable
Northern Lights ... unforgettable
Book trailer: 30 miles still lay ahead of us
30 miles still lay ahead of us
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Book trailer: Why?
2,000 miles
These men travelled nearly 2,000 miles in pursuit of freedom.
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Neither armed nor dangerous.

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From the back cover

On April 10th, 1941 German Air Force officer Klaus Conrad was shot down in his plane over England and captured as a prisoner of war.

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After being taken to Canada in 1942, he made three escape attempts, with the third leading him and a comrade across the North American continent.

This report recounts their exciting adventures, starting from a daring escape from the prison camp in broad daylight, through an idyllic life as trappers in the wild forests of Northwest Canada, a heart-stopping manhunt by military and police authorities, a nerve-racking trip in a sealed freight car and finally their sensational recapture.

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"The story itself is gripping, in parts, fascinating in others, and overall, well done."

"It was an amusing and enlightening read."

"I read and thoroughly enjoyed your book. Very well written. Thank you for a great read and information."

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The book is available at Amazon.com; retail price $12.95.

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Canadian Escapades
- Kanadische Eskapaden

The true story of the author's 3 escapes from WW2 POW camps

by Klaus Conrad
Translated by Maximilian Franck and Scott S. Lawton

ISBN 978-0-9843271-0-2
(ISBN-10: 0-9843271-0-X)
132 pages, 6" x 9"
US Trade Paperback
$12.95 US
Published by Germancosm

Bilingual Edition:
English and German, aligned by sentence